What is Paramagnetism?

  • Paramagnetism - Rediscovering nature's secret growth of force

    Here is a fantastic article outlining the definition and benefits of Paramagnetics and why it is so important to add these properties to your gardening and farming soil.  Cinderite contains high levels of paramagnetic properties. Philip Callahan - How to Farm Properly
  • Podcast on Paramagnetism

    Follow the link below to listen to a fantastic podcast om paramagnetism and the benefits of using soil amendments that contain these properties. Podcast by John Kempf - Special Guest is Arden Andersen John interviews Dr. Arden Andersen, who explores agriculture from the perspective of biophysic...
  • What is Paramagnetism or Paramagnetics and why is it so important for my soil?

    Cinderite is a high-energy soil amendment that can be used in potting soils, germination medium, soil beds, gardens, landscaping, and industrial agriculture. Because Cinderite is a porous foamed volcanic cinder, it increases water retention, maintains optimal oxygen levels, and helps distribute t...