Who is Cinderite?

  • Do I need to be an organic farmer or gardener in order to use or purchase Cinderite?

    You do not need to be organic in order to order Cinderite, but your farms and gardens will benefit from a drastic decrease in the need of pesticides and fertilizers, putting you on your way to a cleaner, more organic farm or garden.
  • How is Cinderite Certified 100% Organic?

    Cinderite is certified organic by OMRI as well as TORC. (Click here for OMRI Certification) In order for a soil amendment to be certified ORGANIC, it must have very low traces of heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, lead and other potentially harmful metals. Cinderite is well below the accepta...
  • What Endorsements does Cinderite currently have?

    Cinderite is currently endorsed by the following: OMRI The Dirt Doctor TORC Soils Secrets More endorsements will be coming soon.
  • What is true source of this product? Where is it mined?

    Cinderite is a scoria mined from 3 dormant volcanos in southern Utah, USA.  One volcano is located in Veyo, UT while the other 2 are located east of Hurricane, UT. The mined material is then brought back to our facility, crushed into the proper product size, and packaged in 12 lb. and 40 lb. bag...