Why is Cinderite Superior over other Soil Amendments?

Cinderite is unique in that it’s sources are selected based on paramagnetism calculated as C.G.S. Research is just beginning to reveal the physical influence paramagnetism has on increasing vitality in plants and beneficial soil microbes. The vesicular texture and colloidal structure of Cinderite retain moisture and nutrients, and its volcanic origin provides essential trace minerals. No other soil amendment provides so many benefits in one product.


  1. OMRI ORGANIC listed
  2. High paramagnetic readings
  3. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, 100% pure, and natural
  4. Low salinity
  5. Safe for plants, humans, and pets, all sentient beings
  6. Dramatically improves water retention
  7. Contributes to the increased growth and vigor of plants
  8. Stimulates soil microbiology
  9. Increases soil aeration
  10. Endorsed by the Dirt Doctor
  11. TORC approved
  12. Made with pride in the U.S.A.

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